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At Bullay, LLC we are dedicated to safety, promoting a safe work environment and developing tools that provide a new standard of excellence in the Safety Industry.  We will build mutually beneficial

relationships and conduct all aspects of our business with integrity and respect.


We take customers' satisfaction personally and are committed to being a leader with quality products and cost-efficient services.  We also believe in being a caring and supportive corporate citizen within the community in which we operate.


Why Bullay?


Companies and crews share a passion for safe and compliant workplaces. Business costs resulting from accidents and/or citations are high and demand a proactive approach to workplace safety.  Human costs can be beyond calculation.  Bullay offers a system to organize required safety equipment at the jobsite and encourage daily focus on safe work practices.  Crews will find it easy to use and a convenient place to congregate.  First aid, safety equipment and necessary jobsite paperwork can be co-located on a robust stand that can also serve as a hydration station.  Safety compliance need not be a burden.  That’s the Bullay advantage!!   




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