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It's been an incredible journey and here we are at the final hurdle.  Bullay has just launched Gen 1 of the Bull Station.  Costs associated with development, production and product refinement are always a burden.  We are “crowd funding” through PayPal and would appreciate any support you can provide.  Early jobsite and company feedback has been extremely positive and reinforces the fact we are bringing an innovative and exciting new product to the construction safety market.  If you wish to support us through crowd funding, please use the button to the right.


As always, the most sought after support of any business is new customers.  We appreciate any help in spreading the word to friends and potential customers.  Follow us on Facebook,  Instagram and Linked In, and we'll keep you updated on what's next for Bullay, LLC and the Bull Station.  If you are a company donating, please email us your logo so we can display your company on our Sponsors Page.  With this we will also create a link to your website.  If you are a Friend, we would still like to represent your name on our website as well.  


Please email your contact information to us at:


And if you want to get in touch - just drop us a message at and we'll be happy to help! 


Thank You so much for your support!

Kim & Kathy

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